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CLOSET LONDON is a dress label that has been established since 1996. It offers day dresses, cocktail and special occasion outfits that appeal to all ages. 


Be it busy lunch meetings, Thursday's dinner with friends, a quick weekend holiday, party time, guest of wedding, Closet London know you’re always on the lookout for something unique which you can wear your way.  Their aim is to produce clothes that you’ll cherish, versatile enough to transcend from one season or occasion to another so that you can enjoy wearing them again and again. 

Closet London have a passionate team of designers and pattern cutters who hand-pick prints and fabrics and align them with flattering signature shapes synonymous with Closet London. All of the clothing is designed in the heart of East London, where their journey first begun, and are sent to factories based in London where 95% of our styles are still being made to this day.