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ZSISKA Jewelry

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Siska Schippers was born in Amsterdam and worked as a European gold and silversmith before she decided to make handmade resin jewellery, home decor, and gifts under the ZSISKA brand.


Siska decided to move to Thailand in the 90s to further study the materials being used. Siska started to work with resin in a studio in  two hours south of Bangkok, where she employed fourteen women.


It took several years to get used to the resin; the team learned to master the material through trial and error. Every piece is hand made from mold making through to pouring, painting, polishing and drilling.  Every article meticulously inspected for defects ensuring retail customers receive bespoke jewelry art made to the highest standard. 


ZSISKA is run by a Trust, 50% of which is owned by the company employees.  This is testimony to the ethical standards at the core of ZSISKA's company charter.  The fourteen women with whom Siska started the company still work for ZSISKA today.  Twenty years on most of the founding employee family members and children now also work for the company. 

ZSISKA can be found in fashionable boutiques, Museum stores, home and gift ware  stores all across Europe, Canada and the Americas.  The range is perfectly suited to accompany all our linen and European clothing labels. 

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