The story of BYPIAS natural linen clothing and home textiles started in Finland in 2011. This beautiful collection is made of strong, heavy-weighted northern European linen, cashmere and handcrafted wool knits.

BYPIAS garments are handmade with love in by ateliers across Europe.
Inspiration for the colors comes from the Nordic nature and style from the Scandinavian classics with a twist of bohemian lifestyle.


"I love clothes that can be used all year around, in every occasions...just like your favourite pair of jeans. These linen clothes just gets better after washing and use... Welcome to BYPIAS linen lifestyle!" 


- Designer, PIA ERLUND


The majority of the BYPIAS collection stems from raw flax fibres that is made to a finished product inside the EU. The flax fibres are European Flax certified.  The manufacturers belong to the Masters of Linen organisation, which guarantees that the flax fiber used in BYPIAS products is GMO free and has not been subjected to irrigation or environmentally harmful chemicals, is completely biodegradable and safe to wear directly on the skin.



We have stockists throughout Australia.

If you are interested in retailing our label, or would like to purchase – please contact us for further details.


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