Planet is a US label designed by Lauren Grossman who now resides in Florida. Originally from New York Lauren, has brought her high street minimalism taste to this exquisite collection that uses the finest fabrics from across the Globe.  


Lauren combines modern fabrics with innovative textures to create a visually chic way of dressing using layers. The silhouettes are architecturally inspired, which are angular and have an edge of sophistication. Fabrics include Irish handkerchief linen, pima-cotton, matte microfibre jersey, washable vegan leathers, washed silk organza and nylon.


Together the fabrics and the body style enhance every woman's figure. This lifestyle way of dressing is size-less, season-less and age-less. Comfort along with style is synonymous with Planet.

Most styles are designed to be 1 size, 2 or 3 sizes only fitting most body shapes resulting in a near perfect sell through every season. If you are looking for full margin sales on all inventory units then you should call us today for a showing on this fast growing label.



We have stockists throughout Australia.

If you are interested in retailing our label, or would like to purchase – please contact us for further details.


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