Elisa Cavaletti 


This stunning boutique couture collection is designed by Daniela Dallavalle . A true artisan in every sense of the word there are few designers that are able to follow in her footsteps.  Daniela is constantly sketching & inventing new ways to treat fabrics that really redefine fashion each season.  Elisa Cavaletti is not simply a fashion line, but a real rediscovery of the deepest Italian beauty, femininity & romantic designs that dances to the contemporary rhythm of life.


Named after her eldest daughter,  Elisa Cavaletti collections are set apart from other collections because of the meticulous attention to detail. From the use of lace, special artistic prints, to the Haute Couture buttons all hand drawn and hand made by bespoke Italian craftsmen. The buttons have become a signature trademark defining the authenticity of each new collection.

Within each seasonal collection lies a very special sub-collection, The "EC Club collection" of approx 20-30 items, spares no expense in it's choice of fabrics   embroidery & embellishments, The EC Club pieces have become collectible items and are much sought after by the "lovers" of Elisa Cavaltetti.

Each collection talks to every kind of women, from romantic, to contemporary, to the sporty women. From skinny styles to loose fit the range always knows how to flatter and enhance a womens figure because Daniela knows inside every woman is a queen waiting to be revealed.




We have stockists throughout Australia.

If you are interested in retailing our label, or would like to purchase – please contact us for further details.


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